A/C Disconnect Switch Box Metal Enclosure PDS Series

A/C Disconnect Switch Box  PDS


Product Code:

PCDS: Plastic Enclosure;

PDS: Metal Enclosure

Full Load Amps: 60A: 60A;  30A: 30A
Fuse: Nil: Fused;    N: Non-Fused



An air conditioning disconnect is a disconnect located between a load center(distribution panel) and air conditioner.

Air Conditioning Disconnects product line provides an installer or repair personnel with a visible disconnecting means when performing maintenance.

Air Conditioning Disconnects are also known as disconnects, pullouts or air Non-fused pullout devices conditioning switches. Provide personnel with a visible ON-OFF disconnecting means. While fused pullout units also perform this function, they also provide an additional level of devices are of a pullout design, where the user physically removes or “pulls out” a tab to break the electrical connection.


Why Choose Us

  • UL Certificates: E255965;
  • Standard: UL 1429; CSA C22.2 NO. 29-15;
  • RoHS Compliance;
    • PDSPCDS-E255965-20161114-CertificateofCompliance.pdf

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