HC6 – 0 M /22 /N 220V 50/60H
Company Code
Rated Current:06=6A;  09=9A;   12=12A;   18=18A;   25=25A;   32=32A;  38=38A;   40=40A;   50=50A;   65=65A;   75=75A;   85=85A;   100=100A;   115=115A;   150=150A;   (115A、150A developing)
Contactor Type:M: For 06 – 12 A Mini contactor
Nil: For 09 – 100 A contactor
Auxiliary Contact Type:10: 1 NO (only Mini contactor)
01: 1 NC (only Mini contactor)
Nil: For 09 –100 A contactor
(09-18 A contactors are equipped with 1 NO and 1NC auxiliary contacts.)
Main Contact Type:22: 2 NO + 2 NC (only Mini and 09-18 4-Pole AC contactor)
40: 4 NO (only Mini and 09-18 4-Pole AC contactor)                                                    Nil: For 09 –100 A contactor
Special Function:N: Reversing contactor                                                                                  Nil: Non-Reversing contactor
Control Circuit Voltage:24V;   36V;   48V;   110V;  127V;  220V;  230V;   240V;   380V;   415V

1.Application Range
1.1 HC6 series AC contactor, novel appearance, compact structure. It is mainly used for frequently
starting and controlling AC motors, connecting and disconnecting circuits at a distance, and forming
electromagnetic starters with appropriate thermal overload relays.
1.2 Standard: UL 60947-1, UL 60947-4-1, GB/T 14048.1/IEC 60947-1, GB/T 14048.4/IEC 60947-4-1,
GB/T 14048.5/IEC 60947-5-1, GB 21518。

2 Main Parameter
2.1 Rated operational current (Ie): 6-100A
2.2 Rated operational voltage (Ue): Up to 690V
2.3 Rated insulation voltage (Ui): 690V
2.4 Number of Pole: 3P, 4P (HC6-06M – 12M)
2.5 Coil control mode: AC
2.6 Mounting Support: DIN Rail, Plate