HC EV F 5 – 43F – 200 /  750
HC: Company Code
EV: Electric Vehicle
Series Code: 5:European Standard Square Body
Type: 43F; 43E
Rated Current: 200:200A; 250:250A; 300:300A; 350:350A; 400:400A; 450:450A; 500:500A; 630:630A
Rated Voltage: 500:500VDC; 750:750VDC; 1000:1000VDC


This series of products are specially designed for the protection of electric vehicle HVDC system.

It has the advantages of small size, light weight, low power consumption and small fuse I2t.

Indicators can be installed as required.

Basic Parameter:
• Rated Voltage: 500-1000Vdc
• Rated Current: 200-630A
• Breaking Capacity: 20kA (L/R ≤ 2ms)
50kA (L/R ≤ 2ms)
• Standard: ISO8820, GB/T31465
• RoHS
• Use Category: gR or aR

• Pure Electric, Hybrid Vehicle
• Charging Pile
• Battery Module
• Ultra-capacitor