Pyro Safety Module

As the electric vehicle market continues to grow and electrify in general, circuit protection becomes increasingly important for the safety of electrical systems.

Pyro Safety Module (PSM) combines the advantages of flame, fuse and sensor technology in a synergistic way.

Flame breakers are known for very fast and reliable circuit interruptions that can achieve high breaking capacities. Fuses take advantage of metal melting when high currents generate ohmic heat, resulting in a current/time characteristic that interrupts fault currents completely passively (without the need for an external power source). Finally, the current sensor not only accurately measures the current signal, but can also be extended to send a trigger signal to the Pyro-Breaker, making the current-time characteristic independent of the physical characteristics of the melting metal.

The result of integrating these 3 components into a single module is.

– The combination of their features and capabilities

– Very significant reduction in footprint

– Reduced electrical losses and heating

– Improved reliability compared to 3 discrete components

Pyro Safety Module

PSM integrates traditional discrete components that are optimally combined with each other to form a fully integrated product with higher performance and lower system cost. A fully integrated product has higher performance and lower system cost. In addition, it requires less space for installation. The most important advantage of the PSM over other products on the market is its faster detection of overcurrent events. overcurrent events, resulting in significantly faster and safer disconnection of the battery from the rest of the vehicle.

  • Controlled disconnection in 1 millisecond
  • Current sensor triggers Pyro directly
  • Very high fault current interruption capability
  • Small space and light weight ≈ 40% smaller footprint
  • Highly integrated (Pyro, current sensor, MCU)
  • Low internal resistance; low heat loss≈ 15-70% less heat
  • Different trigger levels, can also be asymmetric
  • High current sensing accuracy
  • Functional safety up to ASIL-D
  • Communication interfaces, e.g. CAN
  • High voltage equivalence of sensor and trigger lines
  • Favorable factors for system cost reduction at OEM level

If you are interested in HECHENG’s self-developed Pyro Safety Module(PSM), please stay tuned to our news push. If you have any questions, please feel free to send us an